Our Nuclear Negotiators should be vigilant not to beguiled by Western interpretations

We do not have a good image of western honesty as they have always resorted to their own interpretation in the negotiations, Jalali said, "adding that our nuclear negotiator should be highly vigilant at this stage."

Speaking to Mehr News Agency, Jalali stated "To avoid any ambiguity, our negotiators should make their utmost to curb any loopholes for later interpretation while drafting the text of final deal".
"Algiers accord is a glaring example of the agreement with western countries when they resorted to their own interpretations. Therefore our negotiators should be vigilant to guard against any inexact words in the draft of final accord which may lead to any undue interpretation", Jalali underlined.
He also touched on the upcoming parliamentary elections early next year (Feb.2016) and said "Our nuclear negotiation is a national issue and should not by any means to be tied with the elections."
Also senior member of Parliament, Jalali continued "As a national movement, nuclear negotiations even though failed to reach a final deal should not be misused for election campaigns."


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