Dr. Kazem Jalali:

Iran, final winner of nuclear talks regardless of result

The Head of Islamic Parliament Research Center (IPRC), Dr. Kazem Jalali said “Iran will be the ultimate winner whether or not the nuclear talks end conclusively, stressing Iranian negotiators are always in pursuit of a final deal.”

Speaking to ISNA, he referred to the cognitive and rational attitudes of Iranian negotiators towards the nuclear talks with P5+1 powers (the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany) and explained that the Islamic Republic of Iran never abandons its principles and firmly stands against the excessive demands of the West and no pressure will be able to compel us to withdraw from our national interests and undeniable rights of the people. The top legislator also said he was enough upbeat & optimist about the ongoing talks between Iran and the major powers on a final nuclear deal.

Referring to the peaceful nature of Iran's nuclear program, a member of the Parliament National Security and Foreign Policy Committee reiterated that Iran can resolve its problems in both national and international levels through nuclear energies provided that the negotiating parties are able to reach a final deal.
“It is obvious today that Iran will not pull out of the ongoing nuclear negotiations with the major powers”, a senior lawmaker said while stressing Iranian negotiators will continue the talks and never walk away from the negotiating table. Dr. Jalali furthermore appreciated the unceasing and unsparing efforts done by Iranian negotiators to reach an agreement with P5+1.
He pointed to the red lines set by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution for a nuclear agreement and said “Undoubtedly, the negotiators will strongly defend national interests taking into account the red lines.”
In this connection, “Iranian negotiating team only seeks an agreement that preserves our dignity and will never surrender to or comply with the excessive demands of the Western parties”, he concluded.


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