Dr. Kazem Jalali elected as a member of IPU Executive Committee

After 50 years, Iran could rejoin the leadership position in the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU).
The Iranian 8-member parliamentary delegation headed by Dr. S. Ahmad Reza Dastgheib, president of Iranian Inter-Parliamentary Group and a member of parliamentary standing Committee on National Security and Foreign Policy and a representative from Shiraz constituency, attended the 133rd Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) in Geneva (Switzerland) during 17-21 October 2015.
The 133rd Assembly was attended by nearly 800 parliamentarians from more 137 countries of the world including Islamic Republic of Iran, as well as 36 Speakers of Parliament and 50 vice-speakers, and 207 women parliamentarian as well.
At the Assembly, Dr. Kazem Jalali, deputy of Iranian Parliament from Shahroud and Miami constituency and Head of the Islamic Parliament Research Center (IPRC) elected as a member of Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) Executive Committee representing Asia-Pacific region for a four-year term (up to October 2019). In fact, the election is a vote of confidence in his abilities to make a significant contribution to the work of IPU. Also, it is a remarkable achievement for Islamic Republic of Iran that leads to important breakthroughs in strengthening further parliamentary co-operation and the ties between the IPU and our country.
In this regard, it should be pointed to the array of felicitation messages domestically and externally specially from IPU Officials including the congratulation from its Secretary General, Martin Chungong on his recent election to this high office. Dr. jalali has also served as a member of the IPU Committee for Human Rights of Parliamentarians for 8 Years as the substitute and titular member from 2005 up to the 2014.
Historical background of the establishment of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) is one of the significant issues which should be noted briefly:
Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) is the international organization of the parliaments of sovereign states which was established in 1889 with a view to fostering close co-operation and more substantive interaction with the United Nation (UN). The union is the focal point for world-wide parliamentary dialogue and works for the firm establishment of peace and security among the peoples of the world. The Assembly has held major conferences of Speakers of Parliaments every five year.
It’s notable that the IPU Executive Committee is a 17-member principal statutory body that accordance with the Union’s Statutes, oversees the administration of the Inter-Parliamentary Union and provides advice to the Governing Council. The 15 members of the Executive Committee are elected by the Council for a four-year term. The President of the IPU is an ex officio member and President of the Committee. The President of the Coordinating Committee of Women Parliamentarians is an ex officio member of the Executive Committee for a two-year term which can be renewed once. Not less than 12 members of the Executive Committee are elected from among members of the Governing Council and at least three members must be women. The Executive Committee shall meet in ordinary session at least twice a year in the spring and autumn. But it shall be convened interim extraordinary session necessarily during these times.
Major responsibilities and functioning of the IPU Executive Committee are as follows:
The Executive Committee advises the Council on matters relating to affiliation and reaffiliation to the Union fixes the date and place of Council sessions in emergency circumstances and establishes their provisional agenda. It also proposes the annual work program and budget of the Union to the Council. The executive Committee controls the administration of the Secretariat as well as its activities in the execution of the decisions taken by the Assembly and the Council also receives all necessary reports and data. In addition to the above, the Committee chooses the external auditor for the financial reports and audited financial statements as well as amendment and reconciliation of the budget to actual comparison, staff salaries and staff pension fund. Generally, the Executive Committee works in accordance with its rules.
Furthermore it should be mentioned that Dr. K. Jalali and Dr. A. Dastgheib, two representatives from Islamic Parliament of Iran delivered speeches on the political situation of the world as well as considering requests for the inclusion of an emergency item in the Assembly agenda and protecting human rights in the fight against violent extremism and countering terrorisms particularly, terrorist policies of Zionist regime against Palestinian people.


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