In a meeting with Speaker of French Senate:

Dr. Jalali: Fighting terrorism requires a serious but honest approach

Stressing a serious threat of terrorism and heinous terrorist attacks against the regional and global security and stability, Head of the Islamic Parliament Research Center, Dr. Kazem Jalali expressed the hope that honest cooperation would lead to eradicate terrorists in the region and the world.

Speaker of French Senate, Gerard Larcher met Head of the Islamic Parliament Research Center (IPRC), Dr. Kazem Jalali on Saturday (19 December 2015).
Condemning recent terrorist attacks in Paris as a very bitter and humanitarian disaster, a senior lawmaker expressed sympathy with the bereaved families.
Recent disastrous terrorist attacks in Paris would draw attention of the West to the danger and serious threat of terrorist groups while the Iraqi and Syrian governments are fighting terrorism for consecutive years, he reiterated. Furthermore, he mentioned that we should not wait to see similar humanitarian catastrophes but we should deal with terrorist groups and their hideous crimes seriously as the Islamic Republic of Iran for many times warned against serious threat of terrorism to regional and global security and stability.
Also, Islamic Republic of Iran welcomes the new stand adopted by France in countering against terrorism, Dr. Jalali underscored.
Referring to the military and financial support of aliens to Daesh Takfiri group, it is impossible to eradicate terrorism only through air attacks, he stated.
Chairman of Iran-EU parliamentary relations group, Dr. Kazem Jalali pointed to the effective role of France to counter ISIS, Takfiri and terrorist groups as well as to thwart the humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen. Also he mentioned that the recent Saudi interventionist actions in Yemen exacerbated the humanitarian crisis in the region.
Pointing to opening a new chapter for expansion cooperation between Islamic Republic of Iran and other European countries after the implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), a senior lawmaker also called for strengthening parliamentary relations between Iran and France.
Speaker of French Senate, Gerard Larcher for his part, expressed satisfaction over his visit to Iran and called for promoting bilateral ties between the two countries. Also he mentioned to the inevitable importance of his visit and expressed the hope that such meetings with the officials would lead to expand all-out cooperation between the two countries.
As a conclusion, Larcher underlined that fighting terrorism is among key issues of mutual interests. Therefore, what should be taken into account in Syria is need for greater coordination between all countries across the world to combat terrorism as well as active participation of all Syrian groups in their national election.


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