In a meeting with Japanese Ambassador to Tehran:

Dr. Jalali: Recent nuclear deal paved the way for boosting bilateral cooperation

Stressing the supportive role of Islamic Parliament of Iran in strengthening bilateral cooperation between Iran and Japan during the meeting with new Japanese ambassador to Tehran, Hiroyasu Kobayashi, Head of the Islamic Parliament Research Center, Dr. Jalali hailed the further expansion of bilateral ties between the two countries in different aspects particularly, transfer of technology.

New Japanese ambassador to Tehran, Hiroyasu Kobayashi met Dr, Kazem Jalali, Head of the Islamic Parliament Research Center on Tuesday 02 Feb, 2016.
Referring to the history of good and constructive relations between Islamic Republic of Iran and Japan, a senior lawmaker praised Iranian positive attitude towards Japanese nation as a turning point and valuable issue to bolster bilateral cooperation in new era.
He made remarks on commercial and economic relations with technologically advanced countries and underscored further importance of technology transfer rather than goods imports and exports.
As a conclusion, Dr. Jalali recalled Iran’s nuclear deal with P5+1 World Powers as a major step to promote international cooperation between Islamic Republic of Iran and other countries of the world. The agreement has been reached as a result of Iranian nation’s resistance and intelligence as well as active diplomacy of Islamic Republic of Iran, he added.
New Japanese Ambassador to Tehran, Hiroyasu Kobayashi for his part, expressed satisfaction over his new position (as a Japanese ambassador to Tehran) and stressed on further bolstering bilateral ties between Iran and Japan especially in commercial and economic areas as his main tasks.
He lauded the recent Iran’s nuclear deal with P5+1 World Powers as a symbol of major diplomatic success of Islamic Republic of Iran and furthermore mentioned that the agreement has been prepared necessary grounds for the promotion of bilateral relations between Japan and Iran.
Finally referring to the several meetings with Japanese and Iranian senior officials during the recent years as well as the importance of parliamentary relations between the two countries, he expressed hope to further strengthen cooperation between the two parliaments in different aspects.


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