Dr. Jalali:

JCPOA, a good opportunity to boost Iran - EU ties

Chairman of Iran-EU Parliamentary Relations Group, Dr. Kazem Jalali hailed the expansion of bilateral ties between Iran and the European countries after Iran’s nuclear deal with 5+1 World Powers as well as the implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

A member of the European Parliament, Richard Hewitt from the group of Progressive Alliance of Socialists & Democrats met Dr. Kazem Jalali, Head of the Islamic Parliament Research Center (IPRC) in Tehran on Sunday, 10 July 2016.
At the beginning of the meeting, Richard Hewitt expressed satisfaction over his visit to Tehran to deepen the mutual relationship with both the European Union and Islamic Republic of Iran. Also, he referred to the supportive role of EU as an Iran’s primary commercial partner in sealing landmark nuclear deal and the JCPOA in order to establish regional and Int’l peace and welfare.
Unfortunately, it must be acknowledged that there have been already fundamental misunderstandings between Iran and the West (especially EU) but since the JCPOA and with the opening new political space, they must be resolved inevitably to accelerate the process of increased enhancement of bilateral ties between Iran and EU.
A senior EU lawmaker underlined that increasing efforts to strengthen mutual confidence-building as well as attempting to mutually implementing all commitments of JCPOA will have inevitable impacts on historical background of Iran-EU long-term relations.
He further mentioned that undoubtedly, Iran will face the series of hitches in EU banking system that in a bid to help facilitating their commercial relations, establishment of ad- hoc expert groups is proposed.
Ultimately, Hewitt called for the promotion of political and parliamentary exchanges between Iran and the European countries.
Dr. kazem Jalali, for his part, hailed the existence of an independent, powerful and influential Europe as well as its constructive and imperative role in maintaining int’l peace and security. Also, due to the fact that strengthening bilateral parliamentary and political cooperation can pave the way to boost enhanced mutual understanding between Iran and EU, he underscored that the Islamic Parliament of Iran supports to improve these constructive dialogues and positive interactions.
Pointing to the certain banking obstacles to full implementation of JCPOA, a member of Standing Committee for National Security and Foreign Policy stated that the Islamic Republic of Iran has fulfilled all its commitments based on int’l law and regulations but now the United States should stop resorting to excuses in order to help full implementation of the nuclear deal.
Referring to the terrorist brutal atrocities and violent attacks which occurred throughout the world (especially in the region) by different terrorist groups such as ISIS, Al-Nusra, Al-Qaeda and other extremist Takfiri groups which all rooted in Wahhabi thinking and financially supported by the Studies. Head of the Islamic parliament Research Center (IPRC) continued that tackling these serious organized crimes is engaged in identifying and uprooting all terrorist groups.
As a conclusion, a senior Iranian lawmaker denounced the West and International organizations to turn blind eyes to Saudi Arabia’s violation of all Int’l laws as well as brutal massacres in Syria and Yemen. Also, he contended that the corruption of regional dictatorial regimes, lack of democratic governments and the West’s double-standard policies on human rights are crucial factors of the expansion of terrorist groups in the Middle East.


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