Dr. Jalali:

Full implementation of JCPOA commitments a yardstick of trust

Head of the Islamic Parliament Research Center (IPRC), Dr. kazem Jalali strongly rejected terrorism as a dire, urgent and real global threat, as well as drug trafficking.

Iranian Parliamentarian, Dr. K. Jalali met visiting French parliamentary delegation chaired by Mr. Claude Bartolone, the President of French National Assembly in Tehran on Wednesday, o7 Sep 2016.
At the meeting, Dr. Jalali described Iran-France relations as “good and old-age” and expressed the hope that further expansion of parliamentary ties between the two countries will lead to broaden bilateral cooperation in different scientific, technical and economic areas.
He reiterated that the two countries share common views concerning combating terrorism and the resolution of ongoing regional crises.
Also, a senior lawmaker referred to the landmark nuclear deal, better known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) reached between Iran and the World 5+1 major powers (P5+1) in 2015, emphasizing the importance of total realization of the JCPOA as a good benchmark measuring the mutual commitments. He further highlighted the vast potentials of cooperation between Iran and France to help boost their bilateral ties.
Dr. Jalali expressed condolence on the recent terrorist incident in Nice of France which occurred in July and reassured that the France can play impressive role in combating terrorism.
A member of Parliamentary Standing Committee on National Security and Foreign Policy, Dr. Jalali pointed to the parliamentary cooperation in the framework of parliamentary friendship groups and stressed that the formation of these groups can contribute to deepen bilateral relations as well as transfer parliamentary experiences.
Pointing to the research structure and performance of the Islamic Parliament Research Center (IPRC) as a scientific arm of the Islamic Parliament to provide services to the parliamentarians, he expressed readiness to further strengthen bilateral cooperation with the French Parliament through sharing rich parliamentary research experiences.
Finally, he noted to the research and scientific capacities of the Islamic Republic of Iran and asserted that good grounds have been provided to boost and enhance bilateral relations between the two parliaments in the areas of energy, environment, health and new technologies.
Claude Bartolone, the French Parliament Speaker for his part, expressed satisfaction in visiting Islamic Republic of Iran and asserted that his formal trip to Iran marked a new page in fostering relations between Tehran and Paris.
Also, he lauded bilateral parliamentary cooperation and stressed that these meetings and conferring with parliamentarians can pave the ways to boost parliamentary ties.
A top French parliamentarian cautioned against the serious problems arising from the lack of commitment to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). He further stated that the JCPOA is a substantial agreement, whose improper implementation will create serious problems in the World.
Expressing hope that all parties to the nuclear deal would honor their commitments, Bartolone highlighted the inevitable importance that the France attaches to the full implementation of the deal.
Also, carrying out Iran’s nuclear deal will have significant international impacts, he noted.
In conclusion, he asserted that further expansion of bilateral cooperation between the two parliaments (Iran and France) can help remove the regional problems particularly, fighting terrorism.


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