Calling for boosting Iran-Iraq parliamentary bilateral relations:

Lashing out the continuation and prolongation of brutal terrorist attacks in Iraq and Syria as well as their direct impacts on the security of the Middle-East and the World, Head of the Islamic Parliament Research Center (IPRC), Dr. Kazem Jalali stated that Islamic Republic of Iran will stand with Iraqi and Syrian governments and nations to uproot terrorists and restore security.

The first Deputy-Speaker of Iraqi Council of Representatives, Sheikh Humam Abdul Majeed Hamoudi met Dr. Kazem. Jalali, Head of the IPRC on Saturday, 19 Nov 2016.
Saying congratulation on victories of Iraqi armed and popular forces against terrorist groups, Iranian senior law maker said that the victories indicating upcoming achievable victory.
He underlined the Iranian policy on supporting Iraqi territorial integrity as well as unity among all the ethnic groups including Sunnis, Shia and Kurds.
Pointing to the various potentialities (especially, trade and economic capacities), Iranian MP underscored the strengthening of bilateral ties between the two parliaments.
Also referring to the remarkable number of Iranian and Iraqi pilgrims that visit the either country, Dr. Jalali urged to lift visa issuance as Iraqi prime minister had been proposed before.
Finally, He pointed to the readiness of the Islamic Parliament Research Center and further stated that the center is so eager to share all its experiences to improve a newly established parliamentary research center in Iraq.
Sheikh Hamoudi, for his part, appreciated Islamic Republic of Iran for assisting Iraqi government and nation and expressed the hope that Iraqi militants fighting ISIS terrorist groups day and night hopefully will achieve a greater success in near future.
Referring to the lack of a research center in Iraqi Parliament, he also expressed hope  that the Iraqi Parliament can start the process of the establishment of a new parliamentary research center in Iraq by the help of Iranian side.


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