Dr. Jalali:

Massacre of innocent civilians are censured severely, whether in Yemen or in Paris

Hitting out mass killing of oppressed and defenseless people throughout the world such as Yemen, Syria, Brussels and Paris, Chairman of Iran-EP Parliamentary Relations Group condemned the global silence over the ongoing catastrophic atrocities in Yemen.

Herve (Eure) Morin, the President of the Regional Council of Normandy (the former French Defense Minister) met Head of the Islamic Parliament Research Center, Dr. Kazem Jalali in Tehran on Wednesday 16 Nov 2016.
Pointing to the friendly long-standing relations between Iran and France, a senior lawmaker asserted that now, good grounds have been provided to strengthen and boost bilateral ties between the two parliaments especially in the areas of economy and security in order to promote democratic process in the region.
Referring to the landmark nuclear deal, better known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) reached between Iran and the World 5+1 major powers in 2015 as well as emphasizing the inevitable importance of total realization of the JCPOA as a good benchmark measuring the mutual commitments, he underscored that an increased need for integration between Islamic Republic of Iran and P5+1 in post-sanctions era is felt.
Slashing state-sponsored terrorism as well as dramatically increasing enhancement of terrorist atrocities throughout the World, he reassured that uprooting terrorism needs to a global decisive determination.
Iranian MP further highlighted the vast potentials of cooperation between Iran and France especially in Normandy region to help boost their bilateral ties.
President of the Regional Council of Normandy, Herve Morin expressed satisfaction in visiting Islamic republic of Iran and described Iran-France relations as good and old-age.
The former French Defense Minister asserted Iran as one of the World most advanced and rich civilized country with the most ancient and deep-rooted culture over several thousand years.
Highlighting the undeniable importance of establishing mutual trust between Iran and France, he expressed hope that such friendly meetings and parliamentary conferring with parliamentarians can pave the ways to further deepen (bilateral) economic cooperation.


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