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Plans underway to set up a coordinating Headquarters between specialized Associations and the Executive affiliated bodies, said Dr. Jalali, Head of Majlis Research Center here on Saturday May 31. (lang.load_more)

 شنبه/10 خرداد 14:30

Academic Associations are a kind of volunteer specialized and non-profit institutions which can be reckoned as consultative specialized bodies in various fields, particularly in the area of policy making, said Dr. Jalali. (lang.load_more)

 یکشنبه/04 خرداد 10:44

Majlis Research Center published the book containing all the papers, articles and statements presented to the 2nd Seminar on the Role of Research in Lawmaking. (lang.load_more)

 سه شنبه/30 اردیبهشت 12:14

Regular meetings to analyze strategies for achievement of Resistance Economy underway at Majlis Research Center (MRC). (lang.load_more)

 سه شنبه/27 اسفند 11:07

Parliamentary Research Services can play a pivotal role as a focal point between the Parliament and Government, said Dr. Jalali, Head of the Majlis Research Center (MRC). (lang.load_more)

 شنبه/24 اسفند 09:44

Roadmap to general policies of resistance economy will be dafted by the Majlis Research Center (MRC) early next year, said Dr. Jalali, Head of the Majlis Research Center. (lang.load_more)

 شنبه/24 اسفند 08:33

Realization of the resistive economic goals needs concerted efforts to defuse the enemy’s economic plots, said Dr. Jalali, Head of the Majlis Research Center. (lang.load_more)

 یکشنبه/18 اسفند 09:39

Ayatollah Seyed Hassan Modarres, a Member of Parliament for four terms in early terms of legislature after the Constitutional Revolution in 1906 is characterized for his steadfastness and resistance against the ruling despotism, said Jahanguirzadeh, Acting Chief of the Majlis Research Center. (lang.load_more)

 شنبه/10 اسفند 15:32

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