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The Presidents of France-Iran Parliamentary Friendship Group Senator Philippe Bonnecarrere and French Parliamentarian Mrs. Delphine O (at the French National Assembly) gave a joint press conference with the Chairman of Iran-France Parliamentary Friendship Group Dr. Kazem Jalali in Tehran on Sunday, 21 Oct. 2018. (lang.load_more)

 شنبه/05 آبان 12:06

Head of the Islamic Parliament Research Center (IPRC), Kazem Jalali and Dr. Hossein Salimi, Chancellor of Allameh Tabataba'ee University signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for joint cooperation on Monday (16 March). (lang.load_more)

 سه شنبه/26 اسفند 09:53

The Islamic Parliament Research Center (IPRC) released the collection of speeches delivered on parliamentary researches at the Joint Seminar between IPRC and NARS held on 1st July 2014 in Tehran. (lang.load_more)

 شنبه/04 بهمن 08:12

IPIRC serves as the parliament think-tank rendering its services to the MPs without any political approaches, said Jahanguirzadeh Acting Head of the IPIRC. (lang.load_more)

 شنبه/07 تیر 14:34

Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani underscored the necessity for the expansion of relations between Tehran and Seoul, and said Iran can use South Korea’s experiences to accelerate its economic progress. (lang.load_more)

 چهارشنبه/04 تیر 16:38

Academic Associations are a kind of volunteer specialized and non-profit institutions which can be reckoned as consultative specialized bodies in various fields, particularly in the area of policy making, said Dr. Jalali. (lang.load_more)

 یکشنبه/04 خرداد 10:44

A research Seminar is due to be held here at Majlis Research Center on Wednesday (21 May 2014) to elaborate the role of academic associations in legislative process. (lang.load_more)

 دوشنبه/29 اردیبهشت 08:49
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